In this page, I will discuss several books or articles that have helped me to develop a methodology to form my research in which photographs contribute towards finding an answer to the question how employees experience the prevailing corporate culture. The reviews discussed here have guided me towards the road to take to acquire desired knowledge and what procedures or methods I can use to do so.

Summarizing my reviews I notice that from Collier and Collier I learned about the photo elicitation interview which inspired me to start using this method. In accordance with their views, I brought photographs under the attention of participants on several occasions. Harper has given me more insight into the fact that a photographed world looks different from a world that is presented by words or numbers. His chapter about photo elicitation gave me practical information for shaping my thoughts about how to use it. Rose offered me a framework for interpreting the meaning of photographs. She appointed three ‘sites’ that together with the ‘modalities’ technological, social and compositional made it possible to view the photographs critically. Rose discusses a number of visual methodologies and strengthened my choice of ethnography as research methodology. Pink reinforced my view that doing photo-ethnography is a good match with my personal methodological orientation. The many examples in the book help to learn more about visual ethnography in practice. From Isaacs I got more insight into how to practise ethnographic research in a short time with a small group of participants. The examples Isaacs described make it clear that (rapid or quick) ethnography is of significance for different purposes. In my book the chapter on methodology goes beyond these five reviews and also discusses some principles of naturalistic inquiry as a guidance for building up trustworthiness.