I am regularly working on change with the firm intention and energy to overcome obstacles. You see me at my best in an innovative situation and I like to work in a mentally challenging and stimulating environment. I am an outstanding professional in solving complex problems or the introduction of new ideas. I feel particularly attracted to challenges which rely on my creativity and my courage to do something difficult or risky. With all my activities I never lost eye on man.

I decide which conditions will affect me and how I respond is based on my personal principles:
  • ŸMy behaviour is based on mutual respect.
  • ŸI assume that man will always perform at best.
  • I believe that creation of outstanding conditions and support employees will lead to excellent performance.
  • I can conduct myself as a rebel in order to get everyone on the edge and breaking with old habits.
  • I look at what employees can, so they can act to it.
  • I always have interest to the innovative, I would like to explore the new, investigate it, testing it and when it lead to improvement I'll implement it.
  • I concentrate myself on structural issues, not on temporary ones.